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1-1 Yoga

Personalised Yoga Sessions

“I’m fed up of living with back pain”

“There must be something other than taking pain killers I can do”

“I have tried every physio out there”

“I’ve just accepted that I’m going to have to live with pain because no one can help me”

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone!


Living with aches, pain and injuries is frustrating and can leave you feeling completely defeated especially with the amount of misinformation and differing reasons you can be given from doctors, physios and other health professionals. I hear these statements from people all the time and I want you to know it doesn’t have to be this way.

How would you feel if you had someone on your side? Someone who has not only been where you are but has also helped many to get to the other side?

What if you knew you could get all the support you needed along with a personalised plan that is sure to free you of these pains?


Welcome to 1-1 sessions with Amy Zara


My 1-1 sessions have proven results for people like you who really want to see and feel a complete change in themselves. If you’re ready to put the work in to get your health and happiness back in order and just need that plan and support to get you there, then this is for you.

Why me?

I have real experience working with people just like you who have come to me with all manner of injuries, aches, pains and desires to change their life around and I’ve now trained tonnes of people to get their bodies and lives back on track. I myself have healed my own injuries and completely changed my outlook on life.

In just 1 month I took a student on the verge of surgery to be completely pain free and pretty much back to normal.

I have a deep understanding of the body and an eye for what is causing people’s biggest problems. Although a lot of this is learned from the many different training courses I have done and teachers I have worked with, the kind of knowledge I have gained has come mostly from working with real life people, and real life cases over a number of years. I know what works, what doesn’t and in most cases can completely turn a persons life around. Not everyone can see results in just 1 month, for some it takes longer. Every circumstance is different but I can tell you that the more work you yourself put in, the quicker the transformation will happen!

Why 1-1 sessions work

Personlised plan

When you have specific needs and changes that you want to make a group class just doesn’t quite cut it. with 1-1 you get a completely personalised plan based on your body shape, your lifestyle, your history, and what you want to achieve.


As part of the A to Z Yoga 1-1 package you don’t just get to see me once and then I disappear. You have me at the end of the phone or computer to send you reminders to practice, if that’s what you need or to contact me with any questions you might have along your journey.


You get the undivided attention you need and also I need to use the knowledge I have gained over the years to truly give you what you need. You can ask as many questions as you like during our physical sessions so that you can learn as much as you can about your own body. It is in discovering this knowledge about yourself that you can truly heal yourself! As they say, ‘knowledge is power’. That could not be more true when it comes to the body and mind.

A Plan For Life

Every time I see you I will devise a plan for you and those plans are yours to keep forever! This means you always have the personalised plan that you need for your body at any time you need it in order to maintain that happy, health life you’ve been desperate for.

Private Lessons 

Private sessions are perfect for those trying to come back to Yoga after an injury or for people who have never done Yoga before but are struggling with pain, postural issues or functional movement.

Private sessions are also a great place to deepen your practice and to work on the things you really need and want to work on with support.

Heal injuries 0
Get the teachers undivided attention 0
Best option for post-surgery 0
Complete 1-1 support 0

So how does the package work

There are 2 package options: Online or In Person

Both packages give you exactly the same support and work in exactly the same way, the only difference is me being their in person or not and in person is only available to those in my area of travel.

The package itself can be purchased as many times as you want or need depending on how much work we have to do to get you to where you want to be. So you may only ever need to purchase the package once but the option is always there for more.

Initial Consultation

We have an initial consultation over the phone, FaceTime or Skype where we discuss what it is you want to gain from the plan, we discuss your current lifestyle, history and so on to give me as much information as possible before I see you physically. This allows me to work more on the physical practice with you when the time comes.

90 minute session

You then have a 90 minute session with me where I begin by assessing what you can physically do and then start to work you through what you need to make those all important changes. This session can be filmed for your future use and access.

Written and Filmed Plan for You

I then go away and devise a written and filmed plan for you to follow. You will need to follow this plan as many times as you can every week. Prior to me making this plan we will discuss what you realistically think you can do on your own i.e. could you only manage a 5 minute routine every day or do you want a 30 minute routine to do daily or 3 times a week. It’s ultimately up to you but I will recommend what I believe would be most beneficial.

1 Month

You then follow this plan for 1 month. In that time you can contact me with any questions you have or help you need.


We will then see each other again for a 1 hour session. This is to assess how far you have come, if you’re still practicing the exercises correctly and to see if you need any changes to be made to the plan. If you do, I will make those changes and depending on your personal situation, this could be where we leave each other.



I suffered from a meniscus tear caused by long term strain and a recent gym related injury. I was In pain, helpless and frustrated. The most frustrating part was basic movement like walking would cause a sharp pain. All the professional advise I had received so far was to stay home and let it heal, of-course in the real world stopping is not an option. I found the physios exercises were generic and non specific to the issue, and didn’t appear to relieve any pain, for this I was supplied pain killers and weekly follow ups in preparation for potential future surgery (not ideal) since I didn’t feel the need for such a drastic operation at such an early age. Amy diagnosed the problem with a few simple exercises. We started with simply walking. Amy pointed out that my hip alignment and right knee were compensating for my left knee. My bum had given up and the muscles around my knee had switched off, this was causing my body to compensate for my knee injury. Amy pin pointed the issue and went on to explain the route cause throughly. She then provided me with specific yoga related exercises that re-engaged my glutes, quads and forced my big toe into alignment. With this in mind I repeated the tailored exercises daily and began to feel relief in my knee, this gave the opportunity for my left knee to begin to start recovering whilst I continued to travel into work and get back into the gym. Now I can walk without pain, sit without pain and now I have a better understanding into what my body needs. I am now mindful of how I walk and how I engage certain muscles correctly whilst at the gym. I am able to get back to my busy life in heals! and my knees feel great! On route to full recovery!



It has taken me ten years of attending yoga/Pilates classes and having regular private sessions to gain an understanding of the postural issues that my body suffers from. After attending couple of Amy's sessions, it was obvious that she very quickly understood my underlying issues and was able to provide me with the necessary support. Amy has such a wonderful and professional way about her that I trusted her immediately and asked her for private sessions. Amy is very kind, intelligent and passionate practitioner. She provided thoughtful and appropriate exercises during our sessions. She explained the details of the exercises so I could gain a deeper understanding of why I was doing the exercises. Her explanation and her exercises has provided me with a deeper insight about my body which has in turn has made my body and mind to connect.

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