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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age restriction for groups sessions?

Adult classes start from age 18 and can go up to any age. Absolutely any age and ability is welcome in an A to Z Yoga class.

Will I feel tired after the class. Can I do my routine activities afterwards?

This can be different per person. Most people feel energised after class but some feel so relaxed that they’d rather go home and rest.

Do you need to go to the class all the time or I can do at home?

The ideal would be to come to class at least once a week to gain both the knowledge, guidance and confidence you need to practice at home in between classes. However, coming to class as and when you can and practicing at home will aid in your physical and mental progression as well.

What is the minimum age for children’s yoga?

The “Mummy, Daddy and Monkey” classes are for children aged between 3 and 10. If you would like us to teach yoga to children privately or in a nursery setting then there is no minimum age.

What is unique about A to Z Yoga?

We teach a more functional style of Yoga that has moved on from the somewhat old fashioned notions of traditional Yoga. Our practice teaches everyone to deeply connect and understand their bodies to assist them in the modern world and build healthy, strong and happy minds and bodies.

I’ve heard people get injured during yoga, is that true?

Sadly, this is true for the more traditional forms of Yoga but this is what makes us so unique. Traditional styles of Yoga do not take into account the fact that most people sit all day long and therefore going straight into stretching and moving in ways that require deep connection to your own anatomy can end in injury because the body has not been properly prepared.

At A to Z Yoga we move through a very clever sequence that prepares the joints and muscles for the exercises and poses to come. This preparation is what really helps our students to open and strengthen safely and avoid injury.

We do not perform some of the more unrealistic poses that traditional yoga styles do and can often cause injury and a lot of the poses have been modified for a modern body to move through more safely and efficiently.

How soon will I feel the difference?

Our students express feeling different after the first class. People often feel looser and free of aches and pains immediately after the first session but to really start seeing the difference in your mobility and strength on a daily basis can take at least a few weeks or for some, months.

Every body is different and therefore, everyone will experience changes in their bodies at varying rates of time. Practice and persistence is what makes the real difference and if you’re after complete change it takes time and patience.

What are the maximum number of people at Yoga retreat?

This depends on the location. Please read through the details of the individual retreat for maximum numbers.

I have an injury, will I still be able to do this class?

This really depends on how severe the injury. In most cases, if it’s a small injury, you will be totally fine to join the class. If you are worried, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Amy will be very happy to speak through your concerns.

I am a beginner, will this class be suitable for me?

All A to Z Yoga classes are perfect for beginners because of the amount of detail provided in every class.  If you’re feeling very nervous about joining a joint level class you might prefer a 1-1 session first or to join one of our beginner Yoga courses.

I am pregnant, can I join this class?

Yes, Amy will provide you with suitable modifications and has taught many pregnant ladies in her mixed level classes. If you are attending an A to Z Yoga class on a day where there is a different teacher then please speak to the teacher, every teacher has their own preference on teaching pregnant ladies.

what are the maximum number of students in the class?

This depends on the location. Enfield is the most intimate location as the maximum is 12. Finchley can take up to 20 students. Barbicans maximum is 16 and the Laboratory can hold up to 20.