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January’s workshop : You Don’t Have To Live With Back Pain!

DATE: 31st January 14:00 – 16:00

Too many times during my yoga teaching career I have asked “do you have any injuries I should know about?” And the answer I receive is “I’ve got back pain but it’s fine I deal with it”. IT’S NOT FINE! 

I don’t know where this idea that back pain is normal and fine has come from but I’m here to tell you it’s neither normal nor fine! It is a sign that something somewhere in your body is compensating for the fact that your posture is not in top shape. 

The great news is that this is fixable! All you need is to know how to change your posture and how to get your body back in balance.

That’s what this workshop will teach you. You’ll leave with the knowledge and understanding of where your imbalances are and the exercises you need to correct your posture and therefore, put an end to your back pain! 

A natural way of improving your health

The best way to improve your posture

Increase your overall strength

The truest form of injury prevention

The greatest way to control stress levels

Perfect for all levels and abilities

A natural pain reliever

Improve your mobility

Time just for you





Founder of A to Z YOGA, award winner, with over 7 years of experience, who has helped 1000s of people to improve their health. 

  • 31st January
  • ZOOM
  • 07877548615
  • contact@atozyoga.co.uk
  • £50