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Prenatal Yoga

When I was pregnant my biggest concern was that I wanted to avoid the aches and pains I’d known so many women to experience during pregnancy including back pain, round ligament pain, and pelvic pain. Is this how you feel too?

You want time for yourself and your blossoming body don’t you? And space to really enjoy this incredible process your body is going through. I completely understand that because it’s exactly how I felt too.

This is why I have started teaching prenatal Yoga classes every Tuesday 7:30 – 8:45 pm. These classes are a space for you to come and meet other pregnant women, to move and maintain a healthy, happy body throughout pregnancy, to relax and prepare for what’s next.

You deserve this time, so come and join me at the next session no matter what trimester you’re in or what experience you’ve had with Yoga.

Try the class with a £5 taster pass.

You may also be interested in the upcoming birth preparation workshop for couples. More information and to book here





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  • Tuesday: 7:30pm - 8:45pm
  • Finchley Yoga, 1 Maple Close, Finchley, N3 1AS
  • 07877548615
  • contact@atozyoga.co.uk