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postnatal body reboot

Postnatal Body Reboot

Carrying a baby is a momentous and beautiful part of your life, but carrying and birthing a baby is a huge thing for your body and brain to experience and unfortunately can be the cause of many problems for many women, including but not exclusive to the following;

Do you experience any of the following?

  • loss of bladder control
  • heavier periods
  • back pain
  • lack of balance
  • regular headaches
  • bowel issues
  • numbness
  • itchiness
  • pain in your low belly
  • feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger

I could go on really, there is all manner of things that you could be experiencing that believe it or not could be happening because you’ve carried and birthed a baby.

Since having a cesarean myself I’ve experienced all sorts of things from tightness in my belly to a hip that won’t stop aching and what sorts these things out? Moving, releasing, re-aligning, re-coordinating and strengthening various parts of my body.

Whether you had your baby 20 days ago or 20+ years ago you can dramatically improve any of the problems you’re currently dealing with and my 12 week course is here to help you do that.

In this programme you’ll:

  • change your posture
  • improve your pelvic floor function
  • improve the feeling and look of your c-section scar (if you have one)
  • gain tools for dealing with birth trauma
  • improve diastasis recti
  • regain core strength
  • improve your balance
  • balance your whole body with mobility and strength to avoid shoulder, back, core and knee issues

Postnatal Body Reboot takes you through 12 weeks of specialised exercise and Yoga routines. The first half of the course will focus on building a strong foundation for your whole body. The second part of the programme will be more specific to your own personal needs. You’ll receive follow along videos specific to your own symptoms and the live classes will be a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions live.

As you work through the 12 weeks you can send in videos and questions for help with any problems you may have.

If you can’t make any live sessions you will receive the recordings.

What’s included in the 12 week programme:

  • 12 live group classes and their recordings
  • 6 pre-recorded foundational exercise classes
  • follow along videos specific to your symptoms (this includes specialised videos for post-cesarean mums)
  • contact with me to ask questions whenever you need help
  • access to a private Facebook group to get to know each other and share your experiences
  • own the videos for life
  • free bonus material including meditation tracks

What have past participants said?

“Having had my baby via c- section just 6 months ago I was looking for safe ways to start exercising and reducing my baby tummy. It was then that I saw Amy’s post c-section course advertised. I’d never done yoga before and hadn’t a clue what I was doing but from the very first class I knew I was in the very best of hands. The course was incredible, so informative and easy to follow and Amy is a wonderful teacher and an extremely caring person. I really felt that she cared for my individual situation and has gone over and above to guide me through the course. I couldn’t recommend Amy and her courses highly enough and look forward to joining more in the near future.” C.D. Attendee of postnatal ab rehab 4 week course

“Working with Amy, i was able to recognise that my diastasis recti was quite severe. But whilst doing the exercises that were so easily prescribed. I have managed to lesson the gap and engage with my core, which is amazing after having 3 kids. I know the journey continues, but I think I started planting the seed well enough that I won’t give up.” D.M Attendee of postnatal ab rehab 4 week course

A little bit about me and why I created this course

I had my first child on the 6th April 2020. I love him to  absolute pieces but the way he came into this world was far from how I had hoped it was going to be. You can read the full story here.

His birth was traumatic, ended in a cesarean and left me with not only physical scars but mental ones too and after coming home from the hospital I had no clue how to ‘fix’ myself. I tried to search for information but found basically nothing so simply tried a bunch of different things out on myself.

I’ve since started taking further training, all the training I can find really, in postnatal corrective exercise. I’ve spoken to surgeons about cesarean births and learned everything I can about cesarean recovery. Everything I have learned I put to practice on myself and it’s been helping LOADS.

Because I found it so hard to get help I figured others probably have too so I decided to pass this information onto other mums and have been running teacher training workshops through the Yoga Teachers Forum on c-section recovery.

I feel every mum deserves to feel amazing and live confidently and this is why I created this programme! It really has become my mission to support women in every stage of child birth.


Regain control of your bladder

Bring enjoyment back to your sex life

Get your balance back

No more embarrassment when you sneeze or cough

Regain control of your core

Feel confident again





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  • 7:30pm - 8:45pm
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