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Monthly Quick Fix Webinars

Who has time to be dealing with pain? I know you don’t.

I’ve been listening to you my friend and I know this year has been exhausting and finding time and motivation to work on your body just seems impossible!

Well I’m happy to tell you I’m here to help you! Once a month A to Z Yoga will be hosting a webinar where you will have the chance to tell me what your biggest problem areas are and I will provide you with as many of my tried and tested quick fixes to get you feeling great again!

Because I want to help you the best I can and I know not everyone can afford 1-1 sessions I am keeping these webinars to a small group of 10 to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard and best of all it doesn’t cost heaven and earth.

Each month there will be a main focus but if you’re massively struggling with a separate issue then come along anyway and I will support you regardless of what that months theme is.

When: last Monday of every month 18:00-19:00pm

How much: £20 or FREE with the monthly subscription service

Develops good posture and helps maintain a young person's natural flexibility

Supports growing bodies and tones the body, stabilising core muscles and maintaining joint mobility

Supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems

Prevents sports injury

Builds positive relationship with the body

Improves sleep

Improves concentration levels

Brings clarity through relaxation techniques

Gives experiences of stillness to the mind





Founder of A to Z YOGA, award winner, with over 7 years of experience, who has helped 1000s of people to improve their health. 

  • Last Monday of every month
  • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • ZOOM
  • 07877548615
  • contact@atozyoga.co.uk
  • £20 or FREE with the monthly online class subscription!