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Birth Preparation Workshop

When I was about 5 months pregnant and at the point in my pregnancy where I actually felt like there was a baby growing in my belly, I remember having this sudden panic where I realised I have to get this baby out of me in a few months and I had no idea how to do that! Have you had that feeling yet? It’s terrifying isn’t it?! But it doesn’t have to be. There’s that age-old saying “You were made to birth a baby” Yes as much as this is true we are no longer used to seeing other women give birth. All we see is birth on TV and this DOES NOT  provide a true example of how birth can be. What we see on TV is scary, loud, medicalised and pushed. But what birth can be is totally different. You  CAN have a calm, powerful birth experience, where you are in control of your body and know what is happening. You can be the birthing goddess you maybe don’t even realise you could be! Not only can you have this incredible insight into a transcendent birth experience but your partner can learn how to play a HUGE role in the whole experience. They shouldn’t have to stand on the sidelines twiddling their fingers, wishing they could somehow help you. They CAN support you, they can be your biggest ally in getting the birth of your dreams.

When I was giving birth to my son, I didn’t have the knowledge I have now, I had what can only be described as one of those ‘horror stories’ but this has been my driver in ENSURING other women don’t go through what I did. I knew my partner could have felt more in power at our sons birth too. This is why I’m now here to show YOU how to have the BEST birth you possibly can. To give you and your partner all the knowledge and power needed to own your birth story!

You don’t have to be yet another mother dealing with birth trauma you can go through this momentous part of your life and come out the other side truly satisfied and happy no matter the outcome because you owned every step of that story, YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN CHARGE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Join me for my next birth preparation workshop that will provide you with the tools needed to feel super prepared for labour and the 4th trimester. Your place is waiting for you!

What you’ll learn:
  • Optimal positions for labour
  • How to move your labour along if it stalls
  • Techniques to use to stay calm
  • Hypnobirthing techniques
  • Yoga Nidra tracks
  • Hypnobirthing tracks
  • How your birth partner can support you through labour
  • How to take charge of your labour under pressure
  • How to have a positive birthing experience no matter where you give birth
  • Help to make your birth plans
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • Practical knowledge of the birthing process

I look forward to helping you prepare for labour the way I didn’t!

This course is a great way to learn ways in which you can better empower yourself in labour & avoid unwanted medical intervention. It provided me with the confidence & knowledge that I can control my birth!” M.C Attendee of birth prep workshop 2021

Why should you learn with me?

As I said above, I am a mother who has given birth. I didn’t have the best experience but this is why I now do what I do. I made it my mission to understand what went wrong for me and how to MAKE SURE that never happens again and on this path of discovery I have trained with Tessa Venuti Sanderson of birth wisdom pearls on her FEDANT approved Practical Birth Preparation Training Programme to learn everything needed to provide others with information and a practical understanding of birth. I am also training with Dr Sarah Duval on the Core Exercise Solutions for Pregnancy and Postpartum Recovery which includes a tonne of practical birthing knowledge.

I am advocating for you, not for the hospital. I am here to support YOU in understanding birth.

What makes this course different from other antenatal courses?

This looks much more into physiological birth and the facts behind things that can ‘go wrong’ and provides a PHYSICAL REHEARSAL into giving birth.

What if you’ve been told you need to have a cesarean, is this course still relevant to you? 

Absolutely! Because I had a cesarean and because 36% of all pregnancies end in cesarean births I think it’s incredibly important that you learn what a cesarean entails, what the recovery will look like and I give you the tools to question whether a cesarean really is the route you need to go down and if it is then you will learn ways to make it as much of a beautiful experience as a vaginal birth.

Can I bring my Doula?

Definitely! All birthing partners are welcome!

When is the next workshop?

Workshop dates are decided with my group of pregnancy class students. So please contact me for information on the next workshop.





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