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4-Week Ab Rehab Course

I’ve been teaching mums for the last 10 years without being a mum myself. I had training in postnatal Yoga but nothing beats personal experience and now that I am 10 months postnatal myself, I have the experience and way more knowledge in recovering after birth and thus, have designed this 4-week course to empower women, just like yourself, to heal their abs from the inside out.

Whether you had children 10 months ago or 10 years ago, a vaginal or c-section birth this course will provide you with the tools you need to end loss of bladder control, to gain control over your core, regain feeling in a c-section scar, and most of all give you the power to take back your body!

Being a part of the live course is ideal as I will be there to watch you and offer advice. However, if you’re really wanting to gain this knowledge but can’t make it live then don’t worry. Every week will be recorded and available to watch on replay! Simply purchase the course and email me to let me know you’ll be wanting to watch the replays.

This is available on replay for £75

Regain control of your core

Get feeling back in your C-section scar

No more loss of bladder control

Take pride in your body again

Get rid of the 'pooch'

No more back pain





Founder of A to Z YOGA, award winner, with over 7 years of experience, who has helped 1000s of people to improve their health. 

  • £75