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Meet Amy


Who i am and what i stand for

Thank you so much for visiting my website which I hope will help you to discover some great things about Yoga and my style of teaching.

An Unexpected Leader

Hi, I’m Amy Zara, the founder of A to Z Yoga. I was once a painfully shy little girl born in December and first found my voice on stage singing and dancing and quickly turned my confidence around, growing to become a determined young woman intent on doing what I felt mattered most.

How I discovered yoga

I only discovered Yoga when I was 19, prior to this I was on a journey to what I thought would be a life of acting, singing and dancing. I tried to ‘make it’ when I left university at 22 but I very very quickly realised that life wasn’t for me. It offered me no rewards and to me felt like it would lead me down a pretty negative route.


On a journey of self healing

I had been through a lot of loss and trauma in my final year of uni after my mum passed away and I was really on a journey of self discovery and healing, which I didn’t even know at the time, so moving into a negative career just didn’t feel right to me.

Yoga enhances your life

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Deciding to Become a Teacher

In 2010 I took the journey of my life around the world for 6 months. It was a trip that taught me a lot about the world but even more about myself and it was here that I realised I wanted to teach Yoga. I didn't exactly know what kind of path a teacher training course would take me down but I was certain I wanted to take that leap! I searched and finally found the Yoga school for me, which was Teach Yoga.

An unexpected passion for

Until I started studying and learning I had no idea I had such a curiosity for anatomy and holistic living. Over the years this interest has got bigger and bigger and really led me down a path to total and complete self healing through movement and nutrition.<br /> My absolute passion now, the thing that really wakes me up in the morning and makes me love my job so much, is seeing this change in my students and empowering people to find their own path to self healing, both physically and mentally.

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