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Yoga As Exercise

Are you an avid Yoga practicer? Is that your only form of exercise? (apart from walking)
I’ve always loved to mix things up, even though I’m a Yoga teacher I love to do all sorts of exercise including dance, weights, running and so on.

In preparation for my wedding this September, just gone, I of course got myself super fit and I did this with a mix of Yoga, weight training, Pilates and HIIT (high intensity interval training) and I got into the best shape of my life and I felt amazing!


On my honeymoon I obviously lost my training and ate way too much food (who cares when you’re loving life) and yes I put a bit of weight on but not loads. So, recently I thought I have to get back on it and then I got to thinking… I knew I got in the best shape because I did a mix of fitness styles, but I know some people out there don’t see the benefits in mixed styles. So, I decided to test the theory. 
The Test Rules
4 months of different forms of exercise, 30 minutes practice for every form.
I chose 30 minutes because I want to see what works best for people with little time, especially as I hardly ever have more than 30 minutes to do a workout.
month 1: Just Yoga , my style, which is a mix of Yoga styles and a bit of Pilates foundation. Props are allowed but no weights, only body weight.
month 2: Just weights, standard weight training with very minimal use of body weight stuff, only body weight things will be planks, press ups and crunches.
month 3: Just cardio, using HIIT, no weights.
month 4: A combination of all 3, I’ll go into more detail of how I break this down when the month comes around.
During these 4 months I will stick to my usual diet which is healthy 80% of the time and sometimes allowing myself ‘naughty’ food.

The First Week

I have just finished the first week of the first month of just Yoga so I thought I’d let you know how I’ve been feeling.
So far I’m loving it! I’ve found that doing just Yoga 30 minutes a day has actually got me back into some of the flow I loved to use a while back. I definitely haven’t put any weight on and actually I’ve been feeling quite slim, especially in my stomach.
I’ve also noticed I’ve felt more active, like I could just spring up and do Yoga all the time. I am wondering if part of this is because I am used to burning myself out till I don’t want to move any more lol, so because I can’t do that perhaps my body wants to move more. OR it could also be that the Yoga is allowing my energy to flow better so I have more energy.
I’m pretty sure my sleep has been better because I’ve been finding I don’t need as much sleep. I don’t seem to get tired in the day and I’m going to bed pretty late.
My diet has been ok, generally great during the week but I was pretty naughty on the weekend.
My flexibility has already got better, especially in my back and my strength seems to have increased too because I’m beginning to feel like I could push myself into a forearm stand, which I’ve not felt like before. it’s one of those poses I’ve always had to spring into.
I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month will bring and I think i’m going to miss it on my next month!

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