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At A to Z Yoga it is our mission to empower you to heal yourself from aches and pains and maintain a happy, healthy life with a pioneering and effective style of Yoga unlike any other.

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Postnatal Rehab and C-section Specialist for Yoga Teachers Forum

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Dairy or Non Dairy

For decades, we have been told that cow's milk is the best source of calcium. We've been told it builds strong bones and it's a health food. Back in the day when Margaret Thatcher was in power she believed so whole heartedly that it was...


8 Steps To Feel Happier

This week has been a really interesting week for me, actually the last few weeks, and I want to talk about why because I think everyone needs a little bit of this. Over the last few weeks, I have been noticing a lot of anxiety coming...

3 Steps To Better Mobility

What Is Mobility? Mobility is different to flexibility, it's about having the freedom to move functionally and freely. To be able to do this there are certain things that need to be in place and yes flexibility is one of them but not as you're thinking. Why...

Low Back Pain

Oh we've all experienced it haven't we! That dull ache that you feel when you get up off a chair or bend down to pick something up. Perhaps you've experienced it in a Yoga class even, in a back bend most probably. It's a horrible...

Vegan Cooking – Easy or Hard?

With A to Z Yoga's upcoming retreat we thought it would be a great idea to interview our chef; Tallie Samuels and learn a little more about her background, view on vegan cooking and what AMAZING dishes she has in store for the retreat! So...

My Tips On Having A Vegan Christmas

It's nearly Christmas time, my favourite time of the year! This year is very different for me though as it is the first year I will be a vegan at Christmas! At the beginning of the year when I had made the decision to stay vegan,...

Is Yoga Enough To Stay Fit and Healthy

With more than two-thirds of men and almost six in 10 women being clinically overweight or obese it’s no wonder people are starting to get more conscious of their health and wellbeing. I get asked so often if I do anything other than Yoga and...

The Best Vegan Pesto Pasta

When I decided to go vegan in January of 2018 my biggest panic was how will I live without my homemade pesto chicken and mushroom pasta?? Then guess what I realised? I could make a vegan pesto with all sorts of veggies in that would...

5 Great Yoga Poses For A Strong Core

I see this title all over the place and people are always asking about Yoga for various body parts and the core is one of the most popular by far! It's not hard to figure out why, right? It's because everyone desires a nice flat stomach or...

Yoga As Exercise

Are you an avid Yoga practicer? Is that your only form of exercise? (apart from walking) I've always loved to mix things up, even though I'm a Yoga teacher I love to do all sorts of exercise including dance, weights, running and so on. In preparation for...

How To Find Balance

Are you feeling out of balance? Abnormal? Tilted? (as Christine and The Queens might say) Does it feel like life is throwing you a whole bunch of lemons without you being able to make lemonade?!  If you answered yes to any of these, then it seems...

How To Stretch Properly

Why Yoga Is More Than Just a good Stretch So what is yoga if not just stretching I’m sure if you are a well practiced yogi or yogini, you know as well as I do that Yoga is so much more than just stretching! All you have...

3 Steps To Back-Bending Pain-Free

If you’ve opened this blog then firstly go you because you’ve recognised a limitation in your body and decided not to ignore it! If you haven’t opened this blog, well there’s little point my speaking to you because you don’t know what I’m saying! The...

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